Balada para un Loco

Tracks: Preludio para el año 3001 (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Balada para mi muerte (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Balada para un loco (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Vamos, Nina (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Ciudades (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Los paraguas de Buenos Aires (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
La primera palabra (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
No quiero otro (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Pequeña cancion para Matilde (Piazzolla/Neruda)
Violetas populares (Piazzolla/Trejo)
El gordo triste (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Olhos de resaca (Ojos de resaca) (Piazzolla/Carneiro)
La muralla de China (Piazzolla/Carneiro)
Los pajaros perdidos (Piazzolla/Trejo)
Se potessi ancora (Piazzolla/Bardotti)
As ilhas (Las islas) (Piazzolla/Carneiro)
Chiquilin de bachin (Piazzolla/Ferrer)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Baltar (Amelita) - vocals
Trelles (Jose Angel) - vocals
Label: Cameo
Country: Italy?
Catalog number: CD 3508
Media: CD
Year of release: 1994
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1972
Style: Piazzolla/Ferrer and Other Works with Singers (1963-1972 and later)
Comments: Tracks 1-11 are by Astor Piazzolla and Orquestra with Amelita Baltar singing and were recorded between 1971 and 1972, tracks 12-17 are by Astor Piazzolla and group with Jose Angel Trelles singing and were recorded in 1975.