Forever Tango Vol. 2

Tracks: A fuego lento (Salgan)
Gallo ciego (Bardi)
Convercernos (Novarro/Blazquez)
Quejas de bandoneon (De Dios Filiberto)
Payadora (Plaza)
La cumparsita (Matos Rodriguez)
Celos (Gade)
Felicia (Saborido)
Adios Nonino
Tus ojos de cielo (Adrover)
Balada para un Loco
Lo que vendra

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Forever Tango Orchestra
Musicians: Adrover (Lisandro) - bandoneon and director
Morel (Carlos) - voice
Cabal (Sandra) - voice
Varvello (M) - bandoneon
Niessi (C) - bandoneon
Casellas (H) - bandoneon
Bertero (MA) - first violin
Cohen (J) - violin
Amador (E) - violin
Scallenberger (J) - viola
Bergero (J) - cello
Acosta (S) - bass
Marzan (F) - piano
Patrono (J) - drums and percussion
Label: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Catalog number: Unknown
Media: CD
Year of release:
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance:
Style: Tango and New Tango Groups
Comments: This CD is not published by a label, thete is no data whatsoever as to th epublisher, year of release, or catalog number. It is probably a self-published CD containing the music used in teh show Forever Tango and sold at the theater where the show performed (this is a guess, I did not attend the show).