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Tracks: Tango - Tango (Solanas)
Hijos del exilio (Castineira de Dios/Solanas)
Solo (Solanas)
Los tangos del exilio (Castineira de Dios/Solanas)
Vals del regreso (Castineira de Dios/Solanas)
Duo de amor
Tanguedia I
Tanguedia III
Tanguedia II
Oblivion (bandoneon version)
Oblivion (trombone version)
Oblivion (orchestral version)
Enrico IV
Tanti anni prima
Oblivion (guitar version)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Piazzolla (Astor) - bandoneon
Suarez Paz (Fernando) - violin
Lopez Ruiz (Oscar) - guitar
Ziegler (Pablo) - piano
Console (Hector) - bass
Label: Milan
Country: France
Catalog number: CD280
Media: CD
Year of release: 1985
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1984
Style: Astor and the Movies (Soundtracks) (All periods)
Comments: Soundtrack for two movies: "Tango: L'Exil de Gardel" (tracks 1-10) and Henri IV (tracks 11-18). See the section on films at for details on these movies. Tracks 1-5 are played by orchestra directed by Luis Castineira de Dios, tracks 6-10 are by Piazzolla and quintet (see musicians above). Tango: L'Exil de Gardel received the Cesar for best movie soundtrack in 1986.