Piazzolla interpreta a Piazzolla/Piazzolla..O No? - CD1

Tracks: Adios Nonino
Berretin (Laurenz)
Contrabajeando (Piazzolla/Troilo)
Lo que vendra
La calle 92
Los poseidos
Guitarrazo (Malvicino)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Piazzolla (Astor) - bandoneon
Bajour (Simon) - violin (1-12)
Gosis (Jaime) - piano
Malvicino (Horacio) - guitar (1-12)
Diaz (Kicho) - bass
Label: RCA/BMG
Country: Japan
Catalog number: BVCM 37001
Media: CD
Year of release: 1998
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1960
Style: The Quintet (First Incarnation) (1960-1970)
Comments: Japanese reissue as double CD of two LPs of 1960-61, "Piazzolla interpreta a Piazzolla" and "Piazzolla...o no?", plus the songs Garua and Uno (single by Daniel Riolobos with Piazzolla) never before released on CD.
Piazzolla interpreta a Piazzolla:
A companion album to "Piazzolla o No?..." issued in 1961 by RCA. This one was made up of mostly Piazzolla compositions.
Tracks 1-12 are by the quintet and were recorded circa 1960
Piazzolla o no?:
A reissue of a 1961 (recorded 1959/1960) album, the first Piazzolla did for RCA. It was mostly Piazzolla interpreting classical tangos (only Preparense and Triunfal were his compositions). The last four songs (27-30) are from a 1962 single and were not part of the original LP. This record (along with those from the 'Montevideo Sessions') marks the transition into the quintet period (the companion LP "Piazzolla Interpreta Piazzolla", also for RCA marks the beginning of the quintet period - with the abandonment of traditional tangos in the repertoire and the dropping of singing)