Solo [Contrabajeando]

Tracks: Contrabajeando (Piazzolla/Troilo)
Verano Porteño
Viene clareando (Aredes/Yupanqui)
El humahuaqueño (Zaldivar)
Quebradinha (Nazareth)
Berimbau (Moraes/Powell)
Dorvon Tsangihn (trad. Mongolian)
Tukinokaisha-Kangwondo Arirang (trad. Korean)
La Danaide (Saitoh)
Hill of ships, stage of water (Saitoh)
A rope (Saitoh)
Sarabande (from Suite No. 5 for violoncello) (J.S. Bach)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Saitoh, Tetsu
Musicians: Saitoh (Tetsu) - bass
Label: Jabara
Country: Japan
Catalog number: JAB-04
Media: CD
Year of release: 1997
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1996
Style: Piazzolla on Other Instruments (bass; etc.)
Comments: Tetsu Saitoh plays on a s. XVIII Ferdinand Gagliano bass. It includes Piazzolla's Contrabajeando (originally written for Kicho Diaz) and Verano Porteño (with a line from Los Mareados dedicated to Mr. Ramon).
I would like to mention that on October 27, 1997 (his birthday), I had the immense pleasure of meeting in person with Mr. Saitoh at the Romanisches Cafe in Tokyo, on occassion of his presentation with the "Piazzolla Unit", a superb quintet led by Mr. Saitoh which plays his arrangements of Astor's music. I also had the fortune of meeting Mr. Ramon.