Soundtrack Encyclopedia

Tracks: Oblivion (bandoneon version)
Enrico IV
Ave Maria
Oblivion (orchestral version)
Jeanne y Paul
El penultimo
Salvador Allende
Combate en la fabrica
La maison de Monique
Il pleut sur Santiago
Jorge adios
Suite Punta del Este: Introduccion

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Label: Victor
Country: Japan
Catalog number: VICP-60081
Media: CD
Year of release: 1997
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance:
Style: Astor and the Movies (Soundtracks) (All periods)
Comments: Tracks 1-6 are from the movie Enrico IV by Marco Bellocchio, tracks 7-8 are from the movie Cadaveri Eccelenti by Francesco Rosi, tracks 9-14 are from the movie Il pleut sur Santiago by Helvio Soto, track 15 is the Introduction to Suite Punta del Este by Piazzolla on which the music of 12 Monkeys was based (film by Terry Gilliam).