The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado)

Tracks: Tango Apasionado (prologue)
Milonga for three
Street Tango
Milonga Picaresque
Knife fight
Leonora's song
Prelude to the Cyclical Night (Part One)
Butcher's death
Leijia's game
Milonga for three (reprise)
Leonora's love theme
Tango Apasionado (finale)
Prelude to the Cyclical Night (Part Two)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Piazzolla (Astor) - bandoneon
Zinger (Pablo) - piano
Suarez Paz (Fernando) - violin
D'Rivera (Paquito) - sax and clarinet
Gonzalez (Andy) - bass
Alchourron (Rodolfo) - guitar
Label: American Clave
Country: USA
Catalog number: AMCL 1019.2
Media: CD
Year of release: 1991
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1990
Style: The Quintet (Second Incarnation) (1979-1991)